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Well, that is a D&D term. In case you have no clue what D&D is, fear not, there will be section (or two) hereabouts that will enlighten you. In case you do know what D&D is and tend to avoid people who associate themselves with such matters, fear not! For this is not a website about D&D. Some parts of it might be, at times. But not the whole thing. No sirree. Hear me out, will you? Lend me your ears, as Mark Anthony would say.

The Nerd Druid is a website where I, the eponymous nerdruid (yes, without the extra d in between), attempts to understand the world and its workings and share whatever I learnt with you. Yes, I am a nerd, and no, I am not a druid. Well, not in the traditional sense anyway. Or the asterixian sense. Or the D&D sense, for that matter. Anyway, bottomline, we'll have some fun and, hopefully, learn something along the way too.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why there is nothing up yet, well, hmm, you see, because there is nothing up yet. I am still building the site and gathering content. So, uh, yeah, until later then.

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